I am a geriatrician, researcher, and certified professional coach. It's my mission to help improve the lives of older adults and improve our experience with aging.

If you are a geriatrican or researcher in aging with this same mission, I want to help you level up your career, multiply your impact, and live out your purpose.

Though we are few, we can be mighty.

A few words from my clients

"Vicky Tang is powerful human being and an amazing coach. She is authentic, wise, and brings lightness to life’s difficult decisions. Vicky coaches from the heart, she provides a framework to help me tackle problems big and small. She helps me cut to the core of my struggles and lift out the content needed for exploration and growth. As a first-generation professional, Vicky attends to cultural and identity factors to promote personal integration. I felt seen by Vicky, which allows me to trust the coaching process. I feel empowered to step into my unique path as a psychologist. I’ve learned to trust my own wisdom and choose the perspective that serves me as I make a major pivot in my career thanks to Vicky’s coaching and support. I highly recommend Vicky as a coach to help you navigate the complexity of bringing your authentic self to your work."

— Psychologist at San Francisco VA Medical Center

"Coaching with Vicky has been a truly amazing experience!! Her incredible enthusiasm and optimism always leave me smiling and feeling supported! She has coached me right before big meetings and tough conversations, and I've always walked into those conversations feeling at peace and aligned with my values. She's also incredible at reaching out between sessions to challenge small thought errors and build up my confidence! I cannot recommend her more highly as a coach for junior faculty educators at UCSF!!"

— Internal Medicine, Clinician Educator at University of California, San Francisco

"Coaching has been a really great experience. Through these sessions, I've found new ways to connect to the meaning in my work and to develop more effective strategies to manage time and goals in order to achieve my mission to improve the lives of older adults. Coaching has offered a wonderful way to alleviate the dual pressures of junior faculty and the personal/professional balancing act. I hope that it can continue to be a resource for others who would find this process meaningful and helpful as they fashion their careers in academic geriatric medicine!"

— Geriatrician Researcher at University of California, San Francisco

"I am so grateful my path crossed with Vicky’s. Her energy is contagious, and she is one of the most positive people I know. She has a powerful coaching style and helped me build my self-confidence at work as I stepped into my first year of independent practice. She truly has a passion for helping others live out their purpose. Her coaching course was life changing, and I never thought I would be where I am in now in my career in 6 months without her guidance and coaching. Using a specific model, she helped me change the way I think about my work that has helped me become more efficient, productive, and reach my goals."

— Geriatrician Researcher at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada